abbreviated autumn

i was outside earlier, and i could smell winter.

not autumn.

full blown, icy, frosty, foreboding winter.

just that fast.

a week or so ago, i could barely stand to wear long sleeves,
now i'm chilled to the bone.

i can almost see snow on the horizon.

the strange thing is that i'm almost looking forward to the cold
and the dark
and the disappearance of the sun.

it seems i'm determined to glimpse what crone-hood is like.

it justifies my search for

i've been nesting with no promise of a baby--
at least no physical one.

hopefully this means true rebirth in spring...



"...the holy ghost / and all those other covered women" ~saul williams

something in me wants to speak to that, but the words aren't coming.

there are so many "covered women" in the faiths of the world. so many goddesses made into sanitized saints.

fear of the womb is killing the planet.

this needs to be more than it is...