a story.

once upon a time there was a woman
and she met a man.

she loved the man through things
despite other things
and above and beyond the rest.

but the yang spilled across the curves and swirls, overcoming the yin...
too many arguments
bloody battles
days and nights alone.

the man was used to wielding a sword
but the woman couldn't weave light through the armor.

so she left.

heavy hearted

however, destined to never be alone for long, she soon encountered sweetness.
battle fatigue gave way to smiles
brilliant afternoons
long nights
and glittering laughter.

slowly, she laid down the sword and shield,
dusted off her honeypot,
and breathed
fresh air
in the presence of a truer reflection.

...thank you for being an element in the (r)evolution.


a castle surrounded by concrete...

ancestral dreams last night.

i floated in and out of consciousness as all kinds of people drifted around and through me...encouraging, blessing, simply saying hello.

i can never hear, remember, or translate it all, but i am grateful for the visit, and i am always glad to see them.

just a reminder of the shoulders on which we stand.


100 things

from: http://www.north-node.com/astrology-tutorials/eclipse

*The Solar Eclipse list*

You can do this anytime between the Solar Eclipse and the next Full Moon.

Take out a sheet of paper and a pen. Find yourself a nice quiet spot. On the paper, make a list of 100 things you want. Don't hold back! Don't let your inner voice tell you that you can't have it. It will be hard to think of things after the first 50, but keep at it. Be positive: "I will get a raise," not "I want a raise."


1. I will make some new friends.
2. I will have a beach named after me.
3. I will be my own boss.
4. I will save the whales.
5. I will have a new car.
6. I will have a Xena Warrior Princess doll.
7. My houseplants will live long and be green.

…and so on.

When you are finished, place your list in an envelope, seal it, write the date on it, and put it in a sacred place in your home. Or you could just bless it and stick it in a drawer. You have just asked for what you want.

This is how you plant seeds. After 1 year has passed, take out your list, and see which of these seeds have taken root in your life.

*The Lunar Eclipse meditation*:

You can do this anytime between the Lunar Eclipse and the next New Moon.

Same as the Solar Eclipse list, except this is a little harder. This time, think of the things in your life you would like to bring to a close, finish, or end. That contract you want to get signed, that job you want to finish. That guilty feeling. That unhealthy relationship. That nasty smoking habit.

Take some time to sit in a quiet space and breathe. Visualize the inner workings of that habit, the issue, the situation, as people. Give them names and faces! My addicted smoker and my inner doctor. My gentle self and my angry self. Visualize them each holding one end of a rope, like a tug of
war. They can see each other now, how can they better understand one another? How can they work together to achieve balance? Picture each one gently dropping their end of the rope.

You have just asked for assistance from the universe to clear out old energies and make room for the things you want to bring in. There is great power in this request.