idea # 29-31 - purge*

get rid of whatever you can afford to get rid of.

clean out the fridge.

if you haven't worn it in 6 mos - 1yr, toss/donate it. if you're handy with a sewing machine, alter it.  if you've got a great closet, organize it.

do a 24 hour water fast (health permitting).

take 10 deep breaths in a row.  with each inhale, take in a positive feeling/word/image. with each exhale, release negative thoughts/feelings.  another way: inhale positives, exhale gratitude.

let it go. all of it.  make room.

*remember: the postings are spread over about 90 calendar days, so ideas that could take a few days or more will get 2-3 numbers to make up for it. this one will also span 2 calendar days. Happy New Year!


idea #28 - cultivate iwa pele


*i do not know the folks within this Ile, nor am i affiliated in any way. it's simply the best concise definition i found that i could easily link to. also see Awo Fatunmbi's excellent work on ori.



i've been
abused by family
called sister by friends
(and not sisters)

insulted by almighty african men,
treated like royalty by 'hood niggas;
accepted by latinas,
rejected by sistas.

found love in four arms
instead of two

(call me a whore if you wanna;
shock makes me smile.
at least i know
my power
my limits
and my dreams)

staying within the lines
can break your heart;
running boldly outside them
can free it.

i've been
many things
and will be
many more.

i know
and pain
lie in unexpected places
that cannot always be cleanly labeled
or clearly seen.

you've chosen your road
and might choose another tomorrow.

respect mine
as i respect yours
and we'll get along fine.

idea #26 - practice compassion.

see: guanyin


idea #25 - get some good news

go here!

or you could make some good news of your own.


idea #24 - explore relationships

step outside the box...learn something new...

beyond marriage

infinite relationships {adult language}

sacred sex


idea #22 - get to know your selves.

this is a woman-centered exercise, but you get the idea.


idea #21 - make a rubberband ball

self explanatory.

{i never said all of 'em would be deep. LOL}


idea #16-18 - count your blessings*

an oldie, but goodie.

do it silently or aloud.
every day or every other day.
do it when you're smiling
and when you're in tears.

be thankful for the mundane, the miracle, the special and the usual.

gratitude really does do wonders for your spirit. and it's a wonderful way to prepare for the solstice and new year.

try it!

*remember: the postings are spread over about 90 calendar days, so ideas that could take a few days or more will get 2-3 numbers to make up for it.


solstice 2010

grateful for my loving
and all it's taught me

moving forward
even when it's difficult


taking comfort in the light of the moon
as the solstice returns the sun

i am full
of myself
and others
life's bittersweetness
and pure joy.

idea #15 - start a journal

about anything.
in anything.
start with single words if you have to.
just write.


idea # 11 - challenge conversion

what do you perceive to be the most aggravating thing about you/your life?

now, whether or not you can actually change that thing, can you make it work for you? is there a way to draw abundance from it?

personally, i couldn't stop writing. that seemed aggravating since i didn't plan on publishing a book or anything.  i often thought of it as a pretty useless talent, despite the fact that i love to read and have been deeply influenced by books my entire life. but...i'd never write like that, though...

still, since i couldn't stop, i started a bunch of blogs. they don't cost me a thing, i can blabber on to my heart's content, and i've actually made some wonderful friends because of it.

food allergy? you're probably not the only one. how about a cookbook or food blog?

pissed off about oppression? how about some creative education?{another cool example here}.

name that challenge. own it.  smile at it--even if it's a bitter smirk.  turn it inside out.  make it holler. 

then, gain from it.


idea # 10 - learn the meaning of your name.

i've recently renewed my interested in this, and just read imakhu mwt shekemet's thoughts on it in her cowrie blessings book.  recently, a friend mentioned the revelation she had when learning about a new meaning of her name.  must be in the air.

here are a few links to get you started:

name meanings

namesite {various african names}

behind the name

akan day names

yoruba names


idea #9 - give/get a hug. daily.

hug yourself if/when necessary.

this improves mood. honestly.


idea # 7 - scene setting

full moon
new love


idea #6 - take up space

sometimes we make ourselves small. we shouldn't.

take up the space you need to be who you are, to say what you need to say.

the universe has your back.


idea #5 - writing prompt

i will line my eyes with kohl, and seduce anyone who gets in my way.



freewrite (for jean-michel)

watching basquiat
draw his crown
wishing he'd smile more
but knowing why he doesn't.

he's always intrigued me:
his beauty
his youth
those impossibly perfect bloodlines...
black lands, rich ports
colonial perfumes, afrikan spirits
retro euro original man mashup.

drugs didn't really kill him
brilliant blackness in america did.

idea #4 - get moving.

sistas, shake your hips.

brothas, appreciate it when we do. better yet, take a lesson from your latino & west indian cousins and get yours going, too.

do some yoga. walk. move your arms/shoulders as you ride. take a dance class. swim.

just stay in some kinda motion.


idea #3 - learn to use google docs

and proceed to collaborate on shit in an awesome manner.

more here.


idea #2 - start a tumblog

...if you haven't already.

here's why.

especially recommended for musicians & visual artists, but can also work for more traditional prose blogging, too.


idea #1 - desire lists & wishbooks

get all your desires on paper. all of 'em.

or make a wishbook.

the universe is the limit.


the sorceress

there was something about her...

the light magic and shape shifting
the cave she lived in
her calm poise and grace
her wisdom...

she didn't even need a name. she simply was.

the sorceress was my introduction to magic, female divinity, and a whole host of other things i wouldn't discover until over 20 years later.

it's amazing how the things we love as children can inform our paths as we grow....