what i want {need?} - silly and not so silly

{dynamic post. new wants will be posted @ the top.}

i want somebody to scratch some poems outta my head.

i want enough money so that money's not an issue, but not enough to make people want to kiss my ass.


i want freedom.
i want katie holmes to run away from tom cruise.
i want the 'hood to have fresh fruits & veggies.

i want people to love themselves. not out of selfishness, but as a microcosmic love for everything and everyone else.

i want indigenous people to thrive. they are the earth's voice.

i want memorization of "umi says" to be a mandatory part of the curriculum in urban schools.

i want cassie to know she'd be fine without diddy.
i want a new lauryn hill album.
i want rich people wars to end. corporate personhood can bite it, too.

i want non-holistically minded scientists to stop fooling with things they don't fully understand.

i want women to regain their rightful standing in the world.
i want poor people to thrive - with or without money.
i want more people to know about heifer.org.
i want conspiracy theorists to take a breath & have a little faith.
i want folks to remember what hip hop sounds like.

i want farmers to be able to do their jobs. i.e., grow real food. all kinds of food. eff a mono/cash crop.

i want to know why the honeybees are dying.

i want haiti to thrive, not just survive. that goes for the rest of the so-called 3rd world.

i want peace. and happy, healthy babies everywhere.


as seen on tumblr...

"a sad child"
by margaret atwood


born between
my lai
and jonestown,

hip hop seeds
planted in my baby bottles,

i remember cartoons
that didn't coddle;

heard whispers
of real journalism
while deciding whether or not
to show up on this plane.

why be surprised
at us 70s babies
and our shit talkin' ways
...knowing y'all had it coming?


going in circles...

same old questions
that still don't have answers...

feeling frustrated

is there a cure for this?



{stream of consciousness related to the cleansing}

lotus blossom
petals in the wind
releasing fragrance

heart reaching towards sky, beating to please the sun
closing in upon itself like morning glory
reborn in the morning

do i still remember how to be this released?

mindful of the lotus on my hip
walking in perfection
the spirit behind the etching becoming clear again

thinking about
intersections of the physical and spiritual
what's feeding what
where the nurturing lies...

back in touch with my heart
dipped in the love i rarely allow myself to feel
glowing sticky with it...



{adapted from a cell phone notation. months old.}

easter pastel palette sky:
hint of peach...

the moon
a solitary pearl
opposite tangerine sun
setting fire to skyscraper glass.


beautiful dreamer

i'm fascinated by this character...

the morlocks are/were also interesting in their role as the stepchildren of the mutant world.

i love the juxtaposition of those words...beautiful dreamer. used to use it as a sign-off for some writings over on myspace.

plus, i always figured that if i were a mutant, i'd have some sort of psionic power...



your silence will not protect, insulate, truth-tell, or do much else.

it will imprison, deflect, stress, isolate, and falsely secure.

i am learning.



Dreaming comes so easily
'cause it's all that i've known
True love is a fairy tale
I'm damaged, so how would i know

I'm scared and i'm alone
I'm ashamed
And i need for you to know

I didn't say all the things that i wanted to say
And you can't take back what you've taken away
'cause i feel you, i feel you near me

I didn't say all the things that i wanted to say

And you can't take back what you've taken away
'cause i feel you, i feel you near me

Healing comes so painfully
And it chills to the bone
Will anyone get close to me?
I'm damaged, as i'm sure you know

There's mending for my soul
An ending to this fear
Forgiveness for a man who was stronger
I was just a little girl, but i can't go back


today's observation

with pigeon shit
splattered on concrete subway walls
posing as modern outsider art
who wouldn't miss
new york graffiti?