heroine (napowrimo #16)

the only thing worse
than needing to fight
in the first place
is summoning all my energy,
loading on the armor,
only to be disarmed.

i burn bright
then stall out
like a car expected to run
on a -10 degree day
after a 10 second warm up.

you wouldn't like me when i'm angry...
disappointment's almost worse.

but to understand that
you'd have to know
the level of control i exhibit
on a daily.

feel like ororo's sister
when letting go
isn't an option;
frustrated from forcing myself
to walk instead of taking flight;
keep emotions checked
to avoid random tornadoes.

phoenix rising
purified in the fire
of self preservation;
impossible to cease the progression
once mental walls start crashing.

being temporarily thwarted
is not a denial
of my power.

give me a reason,
and i'll blow
your house


  1. i'm new here. what is napowrimo? does it have anything to do with nanowrimo? i finished the contest last year, still can't believe i wrote 50k words! :)

  2. apparently it's something the american academy of poets started. it's not officially associated with nanowrimo, they just used similar language. instead of a novel, it's 1 poem/day in april.

    i tried nanowrimo this year, but didn't get far. lol. i might try again...