idea #50 - make micromovements!

seeing as this is the halfway point and considering the mid-january snag, it's a great time to discuss micromovements.

when you feel overwhelmed, break a task into pieces. ease into it. make it work bit by bit. celebrate when you succeed!


idea #49 - write a letter

...a real, handwritten letter. and snail mail it!



idea #44 - read a life-changing book

or, more specifically, ask a friend about a book that had a deep influence on them/their life. then read it.


idea #42 - learn your chart

astrolabe has a great free tool that shows you the planets in each house on your chart.

if you know {or can find out} your exact birth time, even better.

for more on astrological houses, click here.


idea #40 - start a facebook group

...and if you're really interested in making a difference with said group, read this book.


epiphany #3085 {haiku}

i will make love new
again. this winter protects
new seeds. growth awaits.

idea #39 - make a collage

i've found that this is the perfect way to be artsy without having to know how to draw, paint or anything as intimidating as that. 'cause art can be quite intimidating to me.

but piecing a bunch of things together can be pretty cool. it's also a great project for kids.

try it sometime...just pick a theme and have at it!

~*~*idea intermission*~*~

...back in a moment.

if you just can't stand the wait, check out ted.


idea #38 - play in the snow

...if you have any where you are.

otherwise, just go out and play.


idea #37 - dare yourself NOT to dance

or, dare yourself TO dance.

whichever is most challenging.

here's something to get you started:


idea #36 - get away from home

...take a plane if you can. the farther, the better. at least 4 hours away from your current home base.





idea #35 - writing prompt

as s/he/zhe walked along the shore, a voice whispered...


idea #34 - find a long lost friend

with all the negativity around social networking these days (seen a court show or heard about a "facebook divorce" lately?), why not use it for something worthwhile?

find a former beloved teacher, or a friend you've lost touch with. reconnect with distant relatives. that sort of thing.

have fun!


idea #33 - stretch

your body
your limits
your dreams
your palette
your art
your love
your healing

...whatever you feel comfortable expanding on/in/upon...do it.

reach for the stars.