tout respe

i wish i knew a song for you...
i want to sing the verses i hear in my mind and praise you in your own voice;
repeat the songs my ancestors use to wake me, announcing your arrival.

you are my peace. protective, sheltering calm.
purifying, loving and gentle, your energy completes me.

you are etched into my skin and i barely know you.

i wasn't lost, but you found me.

you touched me and i loved you instantly.
you called, and i answered.

by some miracle, i carry you in my blood.

many have forgotten, but i was chosen to remember. now i'm fumbling with the words to describe you. you've blessed and frustrated me with the ecstasy i thought only true mystics knew.

i want to rest in your cool waters or at your temple's door, but i have to wait. the other side of the family called first, and i have to finish my business there.

until then...

je t'aime, papa.
je mendie votre bénédiction
s'il te plait, papa, sejour avec moi.

i love you, papa
i beg your blessing
please, papa, stay with me


shimmer revisited

y'all have NO idea how well this worked...and is still working.

it's a beautiful, magnificent thing when you can believe in and exercise your ability to manifest bliss in your life.
i highly recommend discovering where your bliss/ase (power/gifts/talents) lie and hoppin' to it.  no matter where you are or how you feel right now,  you can make it happen. 

it's a process. take baby steps if you gotta. but do it. it'll make you feel good...