what i want {need?} - silly and not so silly

{dynamic post. new wants will be posted @ the top.}

i want somebody to scratch some poems outta my head.

i want enough money so that money's not an issue, but not enough to make people want to kiss my ass.


i want freedom.
i want katie holmes to run away from tom cruise.
i want the 'hood to have fresh fruits & veggies.

i want people to love themselves. not out of selfishness, but as a microcosmic love for everything and everyone else.

i want indigenous people to thrive. they are the earth's voice.

i want memorization of "umi says" to be a mandatory part of the curriculum in urban schools.

i want cassie to know she'd be fine without diddy.
i want a new lauryn hill album.
i want rich people wars to end. corporate personhood can bite it, too.

i want non-holistically minded scientists to stop fooling with things they don't fully understand.

i want women to regain their rightful standing in the world.
i want poor people to thrive - with or without money.
i want more people to know about heifer.org.
i want conspiracy theorists to take a breath & have a little faith.
i want folks to remember what hip hop sounds like.

i want farmers to be able to do their jobs. i.e., grow real food. all kinds of food. eff a mono/cash crop.

i want to know why the honeybees are dying.

i want haiti to thrive, not just survive. that goes for the rest of the so-called 3rd world.

i want peace. and happy, healthy babies everywhere.

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