going in circles...

same old questions
that still don't have answers...

feeling frustrated

is there a cure for this?


  1. Anonymous24.6.10

    make concrete plans to go for your dreams!

    (definitely not trying to oversimplify the process but still)

  2. i've begun to do some work around realignment/focus...

    my problem with "dreams" thing is that there's never just one, and they don't seem to meld into an integrated whole.

    when i'm not dealing with the absolutely practical, day-to-day stuff, i often feel scattered and pulled in a million different directions, and it becomes frustrating trying to figure out which "dream" to start on first.

    i've taken to doing what i can where i can and seeing where that leads me...it helps keep the flow going {most of the time}, but still no integration/synthesis.

  3. Anonymous25.6.10

    then my humble advice would be to focus on the one that you are most passionate about and put the majority of your focus on that one. If you still find it hard to focus I would I force myself to imagine myself five years in the future still complaining about not following my dreams from 5, 10 years ago (that always scares the crap out of me).
    One website that always inspires me is: http://nomadneedles.wordpress.com/2010/01/26/new-standards/.
    The author is childfree and (I believe) unmarried and completely lives life on her own terms.

    Anyway I appreciate your honesty and openness and completely understand the frustration that comes with being pulled in so many directions mentally. Eventually I just had to realize that along with not having it all, I certainly couldn't do it all.


  4. hm...i'll check out that blog. looks interesting. thanks for the insightful responses!

    i stopped doing the 5-10 year thing. LOL. it just frustrates me...mainly because i know i'm going to be doing *something*...

    part of the issue might be the "passion". my passion feels constantly diffused...one dream doesn't necessarily take precedence over the others...they kind of flow into one another.

    my challenge is finding "the thing"/job/profession/study {if there is just one} that incorporates all those mini-passions.

    i recently had a conversation with someone around shifting focus. i.e., instead of focusing on "the thing", focus on what i would feel like if my life were exactly the way i want/need it to be. i think i'll try a couple of meditations on that and see what comes of it.