100 ideas - the beginning

i have this tendency to come up with ideas, most of which i have no actual desire to execute.

so, i figured maybe i could bother you with them, thus clearing my head and assisting in keeping my own creativity flowing.  everybody wins!

beginning with the december 5th new moon and ending on the march 4th new moon, i will be posting an idea a day, for a total of 100 ideas {for folks paying attention, technically that's only 91 days, so there will be some doubling and tripling up}. 

it might be a writing prompt.
it might be an outline for something larger.
it might be a link to blog, website, or tweet. 
it might be a reminder of ideas you've heard before.

these ideas are meant to act as seeds, encouraging growth.  some you might want to plant yourself. others you might want to share with someone else.

take on 1, 20, 40, 99 of them...or none at all. it's all up to you. 

why do this from new moon to new moon? traditionally, the new moon is used as a time for planting and/or new beginnings, so that the seeds/notions can grow with the waxing moon. the waning moon (from full to new) is best for cleansing, purging, and pruning.

i hope you'll enjoy reading the ideas as much as i hope to enjoy posting them.

let's go! (c) casamena

...with many thanks to the sistafriend who suggested this notion and planted a seed herself.

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