peacock feathers

still workin it...but i like it so far.

sippin on sweet tea
swoonin in july heat
driftin in and out of altered states
contemplatin my latest inspiration...

i'd be very nearly
blissed out
if i didn't have to face work in the mornin.

tired of deadlines
playin dumb
and actin like i care

i wanna be
what i know i am
not what they
expect me to be

what they know about
we who act as consorts of the spirits
and vessels of the ancestors

pleadin with esu like sunni
baba please
open me a road
open me a road
open me a road
so i can get closer to you
find a way to let me
sidle up next to osun
so she can feed me handfuls of honey
while i fan her with peacock feathers
and shower her with cowries
so maybe just maybe
she'll show me
how to ripple the river water in my hips

ore yeye o
yeye laketi
mother who has ears to hear
wash away my fears
bless me with your sweetness
illuminate my gifts with your mirror
so i fall in love with myself...

bliss me out
so my reflection
is the shortest route to a smile.

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