the goddess & her consort

this vision will haunt me until i can put it into words.

a blink, the space between an inhale and an exhale...
all are enough to bring it back to me.

but what can words really say?
there are volumes about this already.

no wonder enlightenment
(i.e., reproductive rights to the experience of divine union)
is such big business
there is no other way to know it
except to know it.

just the promise of a dream of a taste will have you selling your soul for more.

your adoration is the reason i can translate kundalini's hiss.

i am willing to speak the words
that become the images you create
if you swear loyalty to our union.

we are selfish.
we are indulgent.
we are dangerous.

that is why the west has tried to remove us from memory.

it has not worked.

we remember
we converse.
we build.
we touch.
we create.
we love.

nothing else matters.


~to be continued~

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