control freak

posted over at the bliss project

i am not always
a good girl.

sometimes letting go
means letting you have your way.

…my way.

gimme real cuffs
metal + skin
no frilly satin or plush animal print.
i want the chill of the steel
to compete with the heat in your hands.

no, i don’t mind a scrape or two.
…you’ll kiss them away later

if you must free my hands,
at least give me a few swats for the trouble
…open handed. like you mean it.
make my ass sound like lightning cracking the sky

(crops are so impersonal
and i’m not in it for the welts)

a little sting; a kind caress


then…enter. fully.
cooing, coaxing
never insulting, crass.

this isn’t about humiliation.

i want
to engender gratitude
for this manifestation
of my trust.

bring me to blissful exhaustion
and i will use every tool at my disposal
to reward you

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