all my relations

last night, i was led to a village like this by a black jaguar...

the clearing was familiar, and i had intuited the presence of indigenous people and holy places there before.  i could feel where the shrines had been and caught glimpses of them in my mind. however, i soon realized that i had only "seen" the ruins of the shrines; the real ones were much greater.

the houses were the same as the picture, only slightly smaller.  the area around it was mostly forest with some taller trees.  the people were brown and going about their daily business.  a pristine river ran through it.

i was showered in sweet water that looked like liquid crystal...it wasn't rain...it seemed to come solely from one of the shrines...

my clothes changed. my perspective shifted. i was one of them--a priestess or shaman. things i couldn't see before became clear.

...and, just as suddenly, i could sense the impending destruction. i began to wail at my companion, telling him i couldn't bear to witness it again.  it was also then that i realized the people couldn't really see us...i was replaying a moment in time--maybe a few days or weeks before my death in that life.

the only people who seemed to see us were two men around a fire in a grove of trees. they watched the jaguar lead us around the bend and into the clearing.  i turned away, thinking they were in the midst of some ritual. but somehow i knew they were the ones who gave permission to see. 

after writing down the dream and putting together some clues from past dreams/visions, i googled "taino".

and there was the village i'd walked through last night.

in the middle of a wikipedia article.

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  1. author's note / deus ex machina: normally i don't write publicly about dreams this "deep". but sometimes i'm compelled to. not all dreams are ours alone.

    therefore, if you were led to read this, there's likely a reason.

    in the midst of our awakening, many of us can become so enraptured with our afrikan selves that we forget that we have passed through many lineages to get wherever we may be today.

    open your heart and honor your spirit guides from all corners of the earth, and they will shower you with riches.