via twitter {or: rant #98,127}

i'm in love. with everything. mainly myself. but when i get full, it expands and runs over and i see the beauty in it all... and i know that can sound like some hippy dippy bullshit, but it really isn't.

in my opinion, it's at the core of our nature; it is nature itself. why flowers bloom, the ocean moves, and the sun rises.

when we love, when we are loving, when we are loved...it all fits, it all works. but we've gotta expand the boundaries. marriage, partnership, kids, home, family...all of that is love, but it's not ALL love is.

you can be loved/loving if you live alone, if you're childless, if you are {financially} poor.

true poverty is not understanding this; the constant search for things instead of soul.

things are great. they make life easier. but they are not all.

you are all.
earth is all.
sky is all.
water is all.
fire is all.

go deeper.

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  1. Anonymous15.8.10

    I really like this. I'm not sure why since I'm such a pessimist and misanthrope but like it I do.

    Anyways, it would be great if you could post the tweets you are referring to on here since your tweets are protected and not being able to see them leaves out some context.


  2. glad you enjoyed reading. :-)

    if i post something like this, i'm actually posting the tweets, except without abbreviation/acronyms, and sometimes expanded for clarity. so you're not missing anything. in fact, what winds up here is often more detailed than what i've said there.

    but in this case, the tweets are verbatim.

    the links to the tweets are more so for later reference. and there are times when i unlock my account for a day or two.