black & blue

i recall the sensation
of your fingertips grazing my hips...

they wanted to get to know you;
you seemed to want the same.

there's been lots of silence since.

hands transposed with daggers
memories laced with dolor.

convivial conversations in sweetened sunshine
ended in bitter tears
falling into sunday morning tea.

no consolation
fearing confrontation
immobilized by the past
uncertain of the future.

the spirits said...
then you did...
left reeling, confused,
ego cradling.

i don't know what you want,
but if you're leaving,
take my crystal ball.

the others cracked it
now i can see the spider web taking shape...

it's useless to me.

maybe you can ground it into pixie dust.

i need a different spell.

{july 2008}

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