i will not call you
and cry
even if i want to apologize.

it will have to wait until i can hold it together
breathe between words
maintain composure.

i refuse to allow you
the smallest glimpse into my pain.
you don't deserve even the intention of comforting me.

is that wrong of me?

i have sacrificed too many dreams and too much love
my selfishness is tied to my survival
now, i can give you nothing

use some of the too much you already have
to soothe your conscience or
ease your lonely nights
...if you need it.

my tears keep me company
an aching heart keeps time when we dance

or, i will be...

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  1. because i follow the shack on Twitter, these updates hit me. i read this, and i vowed not to read the "persona" things because I have transcended "caring" about it all. But this is a good, solid piece of work and I can appreciate, even as it was not intended for me to really see it. but i think it's fine time I let it all go for good. you can delete this, i don't intend to mar your page with a load of comments.