just the other day
i was annoyed with my ass
even as i attempted to make peace with it
...as i do with any offending body part
or blemish.

during this latest
spontaneous reconstruction, 
it's shifted, somehow.  lost mass. 
not quite as high, i don't think
or full
for whatever reason...

never mind that
my hips remain wide as ever.

i take solace
in the pleasantly consistent jump
of my waistbeads
in motion,
but little else.

just as i'm wondering
what soul food miracle
will give me my booty back,
i happen to see him.

in greeting,
he playfully pinches
my disappointing ass
later, he kneads it
with both hands
and an appreciative exhale...


apparently he hasn't noticed
all these flaws
which makes me smile...

succumbing to sensation,
i file away my grievances
{for now}
and relax into his busy palms,
welcoming a smiling kiss.

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